About Us

pioneering data science education and consulting

Our Vision

We are a student organization driven by the power of data to impact our community for the better. We seek to utilize our diverse experiences in the field of technology to prepare the next generation of data scientists and thinkers, as well as provide them with the opportunities to learn and grow.

Our Committees

Our Club Values

Big Data Energy

Quirky. Weird. Passionate. We’re not just a professional club, we’re a family. We embrace our wacky and creative sides—that’s where the best ideas are born!

Dream Big

Why stick to the status-quo when you can think bigger? Serving the student, business, and campus communities has pushed us to always ask “What next?”

Always Learning

Everyone has something to teach, & nobody knows everything. We constantly pursue our interests while growing professionally and socially.

Big Data For All

Taking initiative, following through and holding each other accountable. Collaboration is the glue that holds our family together, with everyone doing their part.

Our Officers

Executive Board